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How Can You Attract The Things You Want – Fast?

If you believe the Law of Attraction is real, then how can you reduce the time gap between the formulation of your desires and goals, and their eventual fulfillment? In other words, how can you attract the things you want – fast?

Let us start by assuming that you actually believe the Law of Attraction to be true and real, and always working. If you do, then you also believe that the things around you, and the things that happen to you, and the people you meet, are ALL there because they have been attracted to your dominant vibration.

Remember that modern science teaches us that everything in the universe is energy. Even things that appear to be solid matter are forms of energy. This energy vibrates at different frequencies, and the Law of Attraction tells us that energies of similar frequencies are attracted to each other. Thus whatever you now see around you has been attracted by you and you only.

So you believe it to be true, and you also know that if you focus your thoughts on something, then that something will begin to be attracted into your experience.

Now you ask, “How can I attract the things I want – fast?” This is how you do it.

When you have achieved a complete and perfect balance between your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions, then you will be able to visualize some object or situation – and it will instantly come into being. It will be manifested into your experience. You will be able, in the famous words, to say to a mountain, Go and throw yourself into the sea, and it will throw itself into the sea. For most of us, that achievement is still some time in the future. But in theory, it is possible right here and now.

For the moment, it is enough to formulate your desires, tell the universe that these are what you wish for, and then believe with all your heart that they are already yours. This last requirement, to believe and trust that the universe has already brought you what you desire, is crucial to the success of your efforts with the Law of Attraction. You must believe in the things that you do not see. If you focus on the lack of them, then they will forever be out of reach, receding into the future.

In order to achieve your goals fast, you must harmonize your thoughts with your positive emotions, and believe without question that your goals are already achieved.